Crow Industries was founded on the determination to expand our species throughout the Universe by building out the infrastructure humanity needs to thrive, on and off of Earth.

We are passionate about human progress and obsess over how to push humanity forward in exciting, engaging, innovative, and interesting ways. We believe that a key part of that is developing the technologies and infrastructure that allow us to thrive in any environment. We get excited about the hard problems that make everyday life easy.

But more important than the technologies we develop is the people we develop. As part of the CI team, you’ll be a key player in imagining and creating the cutting edge of society’s future. We believe that the strongest teams are comprised of people with diverse backgrounds from all walks of life.

We are committed to changing the world and having fun along the way, while supporting each other’s hopes and dreams. We are a culture of ambition, tenacity, and hard work coupled with empathy, openness, and camaraderie. If you aren’t a dramatically better person when you leave CI, both professionally and personally, then we didn’t do our job.

If this sounds like the place that was made for you, apply to the appropriate listing below. If you can’t find one that fits you, tell us why you will make CI a better place through the General Applications.

We can’t wait to meet you.


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